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Sea Island and Mahasukha Halo

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"Sea Island" is a shining thing: it illuminates the nuances, filaments and waves of the unarticulated sensorium. -- Alice Fulton, author of Sensual Math

Sea Island

Ten stunning hypertext poems that explore memory, desire, solitude, and loss, by the winner of the 1995 Richard Sullivan Prize.

In this collection, Ed Falco puts hypertext to the uses of poetry, in order to pan a passion out of words as we make our way through what he calls "the crazy sea of language." Falcos's links allow the reader to follow words and phrases along many path; thematic elements structure the poems, but the reader creates her own routes through them, taking poetry to surprising new places.

Falco writes that

"What this is about, for me at least, is a desire to do something different with language, to make it jump with the power of magic."

Mahasukha Halo

Mahasukha: the Nepalese Buddhist concept of transcendence through erotic experience.

Mahasukha Halo -- snapshots, pleas, and confessions from a future world of alien sex and alien gods, where humans do the dirty work and put on the dirty shows. Lost missionaries, sex addicts, hyacinth men, and post-millenium religious fanatics poulate these street scenes where sex and religion are polyvalent, and body parts proliferate.

Eastgate Quarterly 2(1)

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The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext
Volume 2, Number 1
ISBN 1-884511-21-X
Macintosh and Windows ..... $24.95

About the author:
Richard Gess
Edward Falco

Also by Edward Falco:
A Dream with Demons

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Genetis: a Rhizography by Richard Smyth resonates in interesting ways with Mahasukha Halo.

Fans of Sea Island may enjoy Mary-Kim Arnold's Lust and Deena Larsen's Century Cross.

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