Water gets deeper as we move farther from the shore. Deeper water. Water moves faster as we find the deep currents. Faster. Deeper water faster currents the movement of time. We move along. Days sail past. Weeks. Months. Years. Every day we emerge into the unknown thinking we know where we are.
This morning I dreamed a dead friend. I knocked on her door. She lived in a bright pink room, small and flimsy as a cardboard box. She was angry at first and yelled at me; then gradually warmed and was glad I was there at her door. When I woke I was afraid to say her name. I got out of bed as if anxious to rise up from a frightening world.
Come from nowhere out of nothing change. One minute one thing the next another or it feels like that. Me and Jesse me and Jesse for years maybe they might have been the best years now I look back over the road here probably yes I was never happier though that doesn't mean I might have somehow remained there that would have been good or desirable those years were all about being new in the world new to experience. C simply appeared in the picture. One day she was there and I couldn't stop wanting her. I took her hand and moved on.