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January 10, 2001



B8 is on the way.

We'll be shipping soon.

The new fixes are all small. The manual is shaping up; it's in first tech review starting today. Everything is coming together.




Hypertext 2001: It's coming sooner than you think. The paper deadline for Hypertext 2001 is only about a month away; in hypertext labs all over the world, people are making their reference lists and checking them twice.

With an all-new Storyspace manual, two papers for Hypertext 2001, and Hypertext Kitchen more crowded than ever, Eastgate is generating lots of words this month.




We're building a family of exciting new hypertext systems. You're welcome to watch. As at any construction site, some of the things going on here may seem incomprehensible. You can contact us at info@eastgate.com and find out more about what's going on at Eastgate.com and Storyspace.net.





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