Tinderbox Weekend Cambridge

Tinderbox Weekend Cambridge went unusually well. As most Tinderbox Weekends do, it generated quite a few great ideas. Some of these are big new topics, suitable for research; others are small bits of trimming and polishing on which we can get started right away.

A very interesting discussion is underway on the wiki, planning a way to move information from links to attributes. Since Tinderbox attributes can now be set, new vistas for using links have opened in front of us. Exactly how to do this is not yet clear — it's an interesting design problem — but we're confident that the community will shortly converge on a good answer.

• We've tweaked the text engine to provide better support for Bookends, the reference manager from Sonny Software. You can cmd-opt-drag from Bookends to Tinderbox views to create new notes that are linked directly to the Bookends citation, or you can cmd-opt-drag from Bookends to text windows to insert a "web" link that opens the reference in Bookends on your machine.

• The latest tweak to Tinderbox maps lets you display the text of a note along with its title.

• Want to link a file to the File Button, but don't have the file handy for drag-and-drop? We've added a Browse... item to the file button menu.

These are just a few of the small improvements planned for the next release.