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You remember Jeffrey Zaun: Newsweek's P.O.W. poster child during Week Two. The guy with the puffy cheeks, cuts and bruises, and recently broken nose. The young pilot who punched himself in the face in a vain attempt to avoid being trotted out for the cameras. The fellow who took us on the old time trip, with stops in Beirut '84 and Tehran '80, all the way back to Hanoi '72.

What Lt. Zaun said on Iraqi television was generally discounted. The man had been shot down, captured, roughly handled. The Military Code of Conduct allows a certain measure of duplicity.

But now that he is back in the States, Zaun's been saying that he never wants to kill again, that people over here do not understand the cost of the war. He was the one who had to look at the bodies.

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