Tools for Information Farming


By Mark Bernstein.

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The tool for notes: a personal content management assistant. Tinderbox stores your notes, ideas, and plans, helping you organize, analyze, and share information.



By Michael Joyce, Jay David Bolter, John B. Smith.

$295.00 Macintosh/Windows

A flexible, expressive, and graphically-rich workspace, Storyspace is the tool for choice for complex hypertext writing. For Mac or Win....


Wallet Pen


You can be sure you'll always have a writing implement on hand with the wallet pen. Sterling silver, designed and crafted in Vermont, this pen won't let you down or get left behind.


Florentine Journals


Sometimes, you simply want the best. These rare Italian journals are amazing.


Fine Cloth Journals


We found these hand-bound hardcover journals in a juried craft show. They're superb, covered in lovely, natural fabrics and filled with superb paper. With a matching, bound-in bookmark ribbon.




New model. When you need to read -- to take notes -- in the dark, the iSight is ideal. It's a tiny, lightweight, ultra-bright white LED with a comfortable ear clip. The whole thing weights less than 10 grams. The overdriven LED is bright and focused, providing plenty of light, exactly where you want it.


Naos Collection

By Ted Naos.


Four intriguing explorations of form and color: Street Architecture, Gateways, Black and White (new!) and The Color Game. A springboard for narrative, and perhaps a new approach to new media...


Tinderbox Tote Bag


Carry your stuff in style with a Tinderbox Totebag! This black canvas bag is ideal for conferences and meetings.


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