The heirloom brown plastic knife
that usually lay on the bedside table
was also missing.
I took off my clothes and threw them on the floor.
Got into bed.
Automatically the electric blanket
responded with warmth to my body temperature.

I reached for the pointing remote.
The wallscreen at the foot of the bed lit up.
I logged on.

With all the lights off, I lay in bed telneting to a webmoo in California
_____where a lot of German hackers hang out.

I was only in the simulated computer room for a couple of seconds
when a robotic voice (correctly identifying my point of access)
informed me in German that the computer room was too crowded.

The room into which I was thrown,
I had never been in before.
It was a laundry room in the basement of a California house.
>You are in a dark room with one small window.
>You see a washer and a dryer.
I remoted the washer
and activated an irritatingly noisy laundry session._____
I tried to go in all directions (n s w e to begin with)
but the room appeared to have no exits.

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