l0v0ne by Judy Malloy

it doesn't seem so long ago
along the road, the apple trees
in opposite directions
the slow bounce
the mouse was gone
the familiar sound of his voice
as an old song suggests
it doesn't seem so very long ago
streamed down his face as he talked
printed on antique continuous feed paper
a black shadow fell on the documentation
only slightly off key
deciding which shirt to wear
have some candy
cluttered with empty bottles of Corona
their notorious welcome bark
data transfer protocols lined up
The words on the screen were barely legible
were these words
the computer accepted my input
gopher error messages
stuck in the sand between us
in the men's locker room
as if randomly generated
ample, supple, pliant, plush
for clues that we belonged
grazing - like bit mapped images
that Prom picture of you
I didn't have a tent
at the monitor
an old model but
say I already ate one
deep enough to ski on in summer
of code in ancient languages
please let me sit beside you

l0ve0ne by Judy Malloy

The pagescreens of Gweneth's diary are like thin cathode ray tubes. The book grows warm in your hands.Text flickers on the pagescreen, and you read these words

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l0ve0ne is the first selection in the Eastgate Web Workshop -- a hypertext space for accomplished hypertext writers who wish to work directly on the web. Judy Malloy's classic hypertext, its name was Penelope, is published by Eastgate Systems.

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