I lay under the electric blanket,
reading email from a friend who was lying topless
on a sheltered beach in Mexico
observing visible erections on neighboring blankets
_____while she drank warm beer.

I got out of bed.
In the kitchen, I pried open the hollow V.32bis Zoom modem. _____
It was the third one from the top
in the lefthand old external modem column.
(two columns of approximately 10 modems each
were used to support a small shelf
on which we kept instant coffee, powdered creamer
and Frosted Flakes acquired from the PX
by a retired sergeant who was an expert in superceded spread sheets)

No sense lying around in a dark little room in Germany
waiting for a man who wouldn't even show up
in a recognizable female alias on the webmoo
when I knew the URL for the Michelun Guide to the South of France,
and where the Eurail passes
and _____ the money that resulted from a recent intrusion
into a Frankfurt based insurance company database
were kept.

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