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Carolyn Guyer

Carolyn Guyer is the author of Quibbling. She is coordinator of HiPitched Voices, a women's hypertext collective which, in 1994, initiated an ongoing collaborative writing project in its own wing of the Hypertext Hotel. Her earlier hypertext, Izme Pass (Writing on the Edge, 1991), was co-authored with Martha Petry.

She is currently working on another collaborative hypertext co-authored with Rosemary Joyce and Michael Joyce, woven of Aztec creation myths and postmodern mystique. Guyer has a visual arts background in a wide range of media, and her writing a continual corollary to her visual work. Hypertext has reversed the balance and she is now blindly groping, along with everyone else, for a new aesthetic in the combination of text and visual imagery, or as she would have it:

"an understanding of the differences between graphical and textual images/narratives and how they merge in human experience."

A little of her thinking about hypertext, electronic culture, and possible human futures can be found in the first FEED Dialog on the subject of "Electronic Text" in which she participated along with Bob Stein, Michael Joyce, and Sven Birkerts . Guyer lives on the Hudson River amid the Catskill Mountains in New Hamburg, NY.


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