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Michael Joyce

The New York Times called Michael Joyce's afternoon "the granddaddy of hypertext fictions, while The Toronto Globe and Mail said that it "is to the hypertext interactive novel what the Gutenberg bible is to publishing," and Der TAZ in Berlin once called him "Der Homer der Hypertexte." His hyperfiction, "On the Birthday of the Stranger" was featured as the inaugural work for the Evergreen Experimental Site of the online version of the Evergreen Review. Two longer hyperfictions, Twilight, A Symphony, on CD ROM, and Twelve Blue , on the World Wide Web, were both published in 1996 by Eastgate. Another Web fiction, the collaborative work The Sonatas of Saint Francis, was published by Supertart.com in 2000. Joyce's shorter hyperfictions include "WOE", "Lucy's Sister", "Reach" and "Lasting Image" (with Carolyn Guyer) published by Eastgate as well. His most recent print novel, Liam's Going, was published by McPherson and Company in September 2002. Another linear novel, Going the Distance, is published on the web by NightKitchen. A 1982 print novel, The War Outside Ireland, won the Great Lakes New Writers Award. His collection of short fictions and prose pieces, Moral Tales and Meditations: Technological Parables and Refractions, was published the State University of New York Press in Fall 2001. Two collections of essays, Othermindedness: the emergence of network culture (2000) and Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics (1995) were published by the University of Michigan Press. A third collection is in preparation. In the past two years he has been collaborating in multimedia work with Venezuelan video artist Anita Pantin and Canadian composer Bruce Pennycook; and, in another project, with visual artist Alexandra Grant. He is currently Professor of English and Media Studies at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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