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Hypertext Now


A Romantic View Of Weblogs

Mark Bernstein reviews The Weblog Handbook.

God, Random Access, or Roulette? Nick Fisher's Interactive Drama

Diane Greco talks to UK playwright Nick Fisher about probabilities, plots, and how he wrote BBC Radio's first interactive drama, The Wheel of Fortune.

Scrolling with Rob Wittig

Diane Greco and Rob Wittig discuss the shifting boundaries between literature and design. "White space is the Web writer's friend."

Production Values

Will the future of the Web be dominated by big-budget extravaganzas with which individually-crafted sites cannot compete?

Beyond the Portal

Portals and the military-infotainment complex of high-traffic sites are less important to the future of the Web than many advertisers believe. Most Web traffic will always come from small sites, bookmarks, and word-of-mouth.

Sticky Fingers

Nostalgic pundits -- most recently William Gass -- disparage new media forms. Gass points to his discovery of jam-stained pages in his copy of Treasure Island, which, to him, evince praiseworthy engagement with the book. Eastgate editor Diane Greco responds.

An Editor Unpacks

A lively interview with Eastgate acquisitions editor, Diane Greco. "You golden-agers amuse me."

No Mystery HOT

Why hasn't the first decade of literary hypertext produced more good mysteries? Mark Bernstein argues that mysteries are not always what they seem.

Electronic Reading

Skeptics complain that hypertexts are hard to read in bed or in the bathtub. Mark Bernstein argues that they're all wet.

Span Of Attention

Pundits fear that hypertexts, like television, shorten our attention span. They overlook an important fact: we are witnessing a spectacular renaissance of large-scale narrative. Throughout the world and throughout the media, very large stories are succeeding -- artistically and commercially -- as never before.


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Recurrence is not a vice

The importance of cycles in Web design and information architecture.


Cutting Edge

Hypertext Gardens

"Gardens are farmland that delights the senses; parks are wilderness, tamed for our enjoyment. Large hypertexts and Web sites must often contain both parks and gardens."


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