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Uncle Buddys Phantom Funhouse

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"Profoundly frivolous. ... a fractal web that could never be downloaded off the computer and reprinted in paper form." -- Gavin Edwards, The Village Voice

"The most ambitious hyperfiction yet attempted by a single author. The variety of its imaginative hypertextual innovations alone makes this imposing enterprise a major electronic publishing event and a lot of fun." -- Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

"Being the audience for McDaid's architecture is like visiting the Winchester mansion. There are rooms with no exits (or so it seems!) and libraries full of books to get lost in. You want to come back and visit again."-- David G. Hartwell, author of Age of Wonders

Art "Buddy" Newkirk has disappeared and left you his literary estate. By the looks of it, he and his friends were a very odd bunch.

You might have enjoyed knowing them. But you don't: why does "Uncle" Buddy think you do? Where is he, anyway? And what does this have to do with Meister Eckhart and the New York City subway?

To find out, you'll have to pop the floppies into your Mac, drop the tapes into your boombox, and get ready to meet Buddy's friends, read his email, listen to his band, and sort out his (very strange) Tarot deck.

Surreal and humorous, this is a world you will often return to and long remember.

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse, for Macintosh

You can always remove it later.

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse
by John McDaid
ISBN 1-884511-09-0
Macintosh (Requires HyperCard)..... $39.95

About the author:
John McDaid

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Forward Anywhere by Cathy Marshall and Judy Malloy is also an artifactual hypertext. Where McDaid's work is media-rich, Forward Anywhere is almost Spartan. A fascinating contrast.

Marble Springs by Deena Larsen is a very different hypertext, also situated around a mysterious question: who is its author?

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