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King Of Space

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A superbly written piece, well above the usual standard for science fiction and comparable to the literary level of Ellison, Bradbury or Wilhelm. Great concept, wonderfully poetic execution." -- Dave Dumanis, Home and School Mac

A dark science-fictional ritual of fertility and regeneration, King of Space takes place in an abandoned starship, circling the edges of a plague-ridden and collapsing solar system, where an escaped terrorist meets the last star-captain and his ship's Priestess. Old man and young, young woman and ageless starship meet and meet again as enemies, allies, rapists, and lovers. The story has elements of gaming; an unwise move can send a character to the kitchen ("hundreds of tiny sandwiches, all alike") or into the rocky caverns of the intelligent and unpleasant starship, where a very persistent elevator is waiting to have a conversation; you can meet the Lady Nii's ancient, dreadful lover, King Brady, or become him; you can fall into a maze of love, or find the dance at the center of the world that regenerates the ship. Contains games and animations. Not for kids.

King of Space, for Macintosh

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King of Space
by Sarah Smith
ISBN 1-884511-04-X
Macintosh..... $24.95

About the author:
Sarah Smith

Also by Sarah Smith:
The Vanished Child (hardcover) was Sarah Smith's first novel. Unforgettable, and available from Eastgate! $24.95.

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