Victory Garden

“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Victory Garden

Stuart Moulthrop

Victory Garden
by Stuart Moulthrop. $24.95

Victory Garden
by Stuart Moulthrop
ISBN 1-884511-03-1
(CD for Macintosh and Windows) $24.95

This title runs on Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3-10.6 (Panther through Snow Leopard) and on 32-bit Windows XP through Windows 7. It is not yet compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 64-bit Windows 7. New editions for these systems, and for iPad, are in preparation. Contact Eastgate for details.

Stuart Moulthrop's Victory Garden is an enduring hypertext classic. Studied in universities throughout the world and discussed in nearly every major treatment of contemporary hypertext, Moulthrop's work is also one of the most popular and well-liked hypertexts every published.

"Like many graduate students in that part of the world, Emily had made commitments to her Uncle to finance work on her degree. In September of 1990, Uncle sent a letter calling in the chit."

The Gulf War and its media frenzy serves as the backdrop for this Dickensian tale of campus politics, seduction, burglary, dissent, unsafe driving, and war.

Robert Coover described the story (or stories) thus: "Jude Bush, an aggressive undergraduate student with something of a crazy past is ferociously seducing a reluctant graduate student named ... Victor Gardner. It is the winter of 1991, and Victor, we have learned, has just received a 'Dear John' letter from the woman he loves ... Emily Runbird, who is now serving with the American forces in the Gulf War. Emily has made it clear ... in a letter from the front that her true love is Victor's middle-aging and possibly deranged thesis advisor, Boris Urquhart."

My favorite!" -- Janet Murray, author of Hamlet On The Holodeck

“...indispensable. No one has taken on the hard questions about hypertext and fiction or played so intransigently with the myriad possibilities and obstacles of this new art form as has Stuart Moulthrop, its leading practitioner and theorist. The publication ... of his first full-length narrative work, Victory Garden, marks a new stage in hyperfiction's development.” -- Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Victory Garden may be the most rich and readable piece of hyperfiction yet published.” -- Electronic Entertainment

“Moulthrop has used hyperfiction to link real and imagined fragments, allowing the reader to do what the media and the government made impossible: to explore the story of the war, and of ourselves, for ourselves.” -- Harry Goldstein, Utne Reader

Victory Garden is certainly the most ambitious work thus far attempted in the emerging genre.” -- Silvio Gaggi, From Text To Hypertext: Decentering The Subject in Fiction, Film, the Visual Arts, and Electronic Media"