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"We Descend opens up the display cases of History and Myth to let us finger the mysterious layers of artifact and interpretation that lie there. This evocative exploration of the slippery nature of knowledge becomes the hypertext equivalent of a good old-fashioned page-turner." -- Robert Kendall, author of A Life Set for Two.

A story of our far future, unearthed by a Scholar to whom it is the distant past.

"Nobody knew what hit us. In fact, I'm one of the last ones who was here when we got hit. The world, such as it is, is made of children now. They weren't here to get hit. Their parents were, some of them. All the parents are dead. I only am escaped alone to tell thee. Tell whom? Who cares? The kids dont.

I'm not a historian, or wasn't before. I am a musician, or used to be. But music went the way of history. Music was sound under control, given shape. History was the mess and redundance of life made understandable. All gone now. Noise and mess, all thats left. Who cares? That's what the kids say."
-- writings attributed to The Ancients
But for that far-off scholar, as for every reader, the paths followed and the connections forged among the diaries, letters, confessions, and artifacts lead only to further questions.

Some documents speak to us of Egderus, a young boy at the isolated Mountain House. What -- or who -- lives in the rocky hills around him? What secrets bind his superiors in fear and silence? What is it that creeps out, undetected, to drive a man mad, or to tear him limb from limb?

Why must Egderus later leave the Mountain House as amanuensis to the Good Doctor, interrogator and torturer? What intrigue surrounds one prisoner, the Historian, that makes the Good Doctor so relentless in his attack? Why, ultimately, is this Historian the one victim that Egderus attempts to rescue?

Years later, as an old man at the Mountain House, Egderus uncovers only more mysteries. What did the Historian learn that drove him to his death? Does something live, still, in the rocks around him? And how shall Egderus pursue this disturbing legacy that could shake the foundations of his darkening world?

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We Descend
by Bill Bly
ISBN 1-884511-35-X
for Macintosh or Windows . . . $24.95

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