Hypertext Edge

A collection of essays, reviews, research papers and speculations on hypertext. See HypertextNOW for additional notes on hypertext design, and the Storyspace and Tinderbox pages for application notess and case studies.

Patterns of Hypertext

"It is time to develop a vocabulary of concepts and structures that will let us understand the way today's hypertexts and Web sites work." From Hypertext ’98, by Mark Bernstein.

Hypertext Gardens

Beyond the Navigation Problem - The Limits Of Structure - The Virtue of Irregularity - Seven Lessons for Gardening. By Mark Bernstein.

Where To?

Stuart Moulthrop, author of Victory Garden, explores modern hypertext and the missing link in Forward Anywhere.

Chasing Our Tails

Mark Bernstein thinks some hypertext critics are running in the wrong kind of circles. He suggests a different direction. Reprinted from Chorus, the composition journal of the University of California at Berkeley.

Words and Mirrors

Robert Kendall, author of A Life Set for Two, explores the aesthetics of electronic poetry.

Socrates in the Labyrinth: a review

Philosopher Charles Ess examines David Kolb's Socrates In The Labyrinth.

Conversations with Friends

Hypertext with characters: Mark Bernstein explores polyvocal hypertexts that converse with each other and with the reader.