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CyberText Yearbook 2000, by Markku Eskelinen
    and Raine Koskimaa (eds.)

In CyberText Yearbook 2000, Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa have assembled eleven articles and interviews dealing with the interpretive challenges posed by networked and programmable media.

Taking Espen Aarseth's influential notion of "cybertext" as a point of departure, the papers collected in this volume explore the communicative strategies of various dynamic texts, from hypertext fiction and poetry to computer games and interactive websites.

From the editors' introduction:

With this yearbook, we intend to enter gradually into meaningful exchanges with traditional literary traditions, theories and institutions. That optimism is based on the insight that cybertext theory challenges these inherently conservative circuits by creating a novel perspective on all textuality. To be rude: if the score 576-10 is not a challenge to the latter team, the former has already won. To be cruel: this book is an act of charity.

Contributors: Espen Aarseth, John Cayley, Kateriina Ervasti, Markku Eskelinen, Gonzalo Frasca, Raine Koskimaa, Toumas Lukka, Xavier Marichal, Brian McHale, Stuart Moulthrop, Alok Nandi, Janez Strehovec, and Jill Walker.

CyberText Yearbook 2000
edited by Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa
Research Centre for Contemporary Culture, University of Jyväskylä
ISBN 951-39-0905-0, ISSN 1457-6899 (paper) ..... $30.00

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