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Califia, by M. D. Coverley

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Spanning five generations of swashbuckling Californians, Califia is the story of Augusta Summerland's epic search for a lost cache of gold. Join Augusta, and her friends Kaye and Calvin, on their adventures in modern Los Angeles, where they unearth mysteriously incomplete documents in local archives, discover old California myths and legends, and connive to outwit an edgy businessman with his own designs on the elusive Treasure of Califia.

"M. D. Coverley's Califia takes layering as its central trope. Califia, the name of a fabled Amazon warrior, was used by Spanish explorers to christen California when they still thought it was an island [and] suggests how the present site of Southern California is underlain by an earlier history, which itself alludes to a still more distant past." - N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA

"A brave and ambitious work" -- Jane Dorner, Creative Web Writing

Califia excavates the past of five generations' lost memories: from the ravages of Alzheimer's, clues about the Chumash Indians' last journey and final stand, oral histories, hints, secrets, unsolved puzzles and a quest for buried treasure ... It's the story of a search for forgotten origins by dead reckoning, for the fabled Amazon queen and her gold-rich empire, of the mythic quest for stardom in Hollywood and of Augusta's search for her buried inheritance ... if it can be excavated from lost wisdom and forgetfulness." - Carolyn Guertin, University of Alberta
"An example of first-rate hypertext narrative."
- Marshall Soules, Malaspina University, British Columbia

M. D. Coverley holds an MFA from UC Irvine and teaches writing as Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink. Her hypermedia work has appeared widely on the internet, and includes publications at The Iowa Review Web, New River, Cauldron and Net, Salt Hill, Enterzone, Riding the Meridian, Aileron, and has been featured on Rhizome, Rooms Without Walls, and Web del Sol.

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