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Cultures In Webs

Roderick Coover

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CULTURES IN WEBS: Working in hypermedia with the documentary image explores the frontier of new media, documentary filmmaking, photography, journalism, and anthropology.

This challenging and compelling work incorporates sound and video recordings of West African performance, storytelling, and photos from a wine harvest in Burgundy. The project offers examples in the application of new media to non-fiction production and includes the discussion of works by Robert Gardner, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Nelson Goodman, Paul Friedrich, and others.

Roderick Coover's Cultures in Webs .... suggests new directions for cultural and media studies research, and provides a new model for cross-cultural media arts and film production. -- Lucien Taylor, The Film Study Center, Harvard University

Cultures In Webs (Mac/Win CD) $35.00

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Cultures In Webs:
Working in Hypermedia With The Documentary Image

by Roderick Coover
ISBN 1-884511-44-9
CD for Macintosh or Windows. $35.00

About the author:
Roderick Coover

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