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Bob Hughes, Dust or Magic

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Dust Or Magic, by Bob Hughes

In Dust or Magic: Secrets of Successful Multimedia Design, Bob Hughes offers a conceptual framework and lots of practical advice for creatively tackling projects in multimedia design. Drawing on his extensive and varied experience in multimedia development, Hughes demonstrates the importance of emotions, play, gesture, and closely- coupled media in producing intense, immersive multimedia.

"It was incredibly engrossing. I expected to skim through it, and found myself reading it avidly, putting aside all the other work I should have been doing, in favor of consuming it. Very readable, it's as much of a page-turner as most fiction I'm reading. It has unique insight into the creative process." - Aleen Stein, CEO, Organa.com, co-founder of The Voyager Company and The Criterion Collection

Bob Hughes has worked in many media, from medieval manuscript to television ads, before discovering the computer in 1989. Since becoming hooked, he has developed CD-ROMs, learning games, kiosk systems, Web sites - and deep sympathy for everyone who strives to do "good stuff," whatever the medium. [from the back cover]


(we no longer carry this title)

Dust or Magic Secrets of Successful Multimedia Design
by Bob Hughes
ISBN 0-201-36071-3 (paper) ..... $34.50

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