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J. Yellowlees Douglas, The End of Books

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J. Yellowlees Douglas examines how interactive fiction works, looking closely at afternoon, Victory Garden, and other seminal hypertexts. Douglas also takes a careful look at the state of hypertext criticism today, and suggests how the future development of interactive narratives relate to the New Realism.

A long-awaited and important book from one of the world's leading hypertext critics.

"A classic of hypertext theory and criticism" -Jay David Bolter
"Written in a lively, personable style, The End of Books is essential reading for anyone interested in literature as it is practiced in the New Media" -N. Katherine Hayles

J. Yellowlees Douglas is Director of the Grace Dial Center at the University of Florida. She is the author of I Have Said Nothing.

The End of Books -- or Books without End?
by J. Yellowlees Douglas
University of Michigan Press
ISBN 0-472-11114-0 (hardcover) ..... $34.50

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