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Hypertext 2000 Proceedings

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The annual Hypertext Conference is the world's leading forum for hypertext research, and each year, only the best papers are chosen. The Hypertext 2000 Proceedings collects the best in current hypertext research.

Nelson and Engelbart Award Winners

If you're serious about hypertext, here's your chance to get a head start on the future. Start with the Engelbart award-winning paper The Travails of Visually-Impaired Web Travellers by Carole Goble, Simon Harper, and Robert Stevens. This important paper goes far beyond accessibility for the handicapped, drawing lessons on travel and mobility in information spaces that may lead information architecture beyond simple signage.

Then, turn to the Nelson award winner: Susana Pajares Tosca's A Pragmatics of Links. Tosca's 1999 paper on the lyrical quality of the link has already shaped discussion of hypertext rhetoric, and here she applies linguistic theories of relevance to explain how links communicate.

Exciting research

Readers and writers will find this volume filled with ideas, ranging from ways to evaluate today's Web sites, to designs for the hypertext systems of the next decade. Titles include:

  • MORE THAN LEGIBLE: on links that readers don't want to follow
  • The Pleasure Principle: Immersion, Engagement, Flow
  • Structure Problems in Hypertext Mysteries
  • Toward an Organic Hypertext
  • Hypertext Interaction Revisited
  • Posties: a WebDAV Application for Collaborative Work
A thick volume of the latest ideas in hypertext systems, theory, and criticism.

This volume is available as part of the Collected Proceedings: order it here.

Hypertext '00 Proceedings
Frank Shipman, ed.
290 pages, paper .  .  . $44.00


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