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Hypertext 2002 Proceedings

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Hypertext '02 Proceedingss
Hypertext '02 Proceedings, $30

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The annual Hypertext Conference is the world's leading forum for hypertext research, and each year, only the best papers are chosen. The Hypertext 2002 Proceedings collects the best in current hypertext research.

Nelson and Engelbart Award Winners

If you're serious about hypertext, here's your chance to get a head start on the future. Start with the Jim Whitehead's Engelbart award-winning discussion of Uniform Comparison of Data Models Using Containment Modeling: behind this admittedly-formidable title lies a brilliant exploration of the many ways hypertext systems contain their data, and a clever graphic notation that reveals a host of unexpected parallels between new and old systems.

The turn to this year's Nelson Award paper, Map-Based Horizontal Navigation in Educational Hypertext, in which Peter Brusilovsky and Riccardo Rizzo investigate the curious absence of non-hierarchical links in today's courseware. Their new system, Knowledge Sea, builds intriguing hypertext maps that may find applications in a host of fields, from pedagogy to mapping weblog space.

This volume of the Proceedings features many exceptional new projects that will have widespread impact on the future of the Web and on the user interface and experience design. Polle Zellweger and colleagues discuss Reading and Writing Fluid Hypertext Narratives, advancing a radical approach to presenting links without navigation. Frank Shipman's group returns to extend the border between spatial hypertext and knowledge management with Semantics Happen. There are fresh new papers on XLink and XPointer, on Storyspace, and on Sculptural Hypertext, on Geo-spatial hypertext and on VR-based Tangible Hypermedia.

Exciting research

Readers and writers will find this volume filled with ideas, ranging from ways to evaluate today's Web sites, to designs for the hypertext systems of the next decade. Titles include:

  • On Hyperstructure and Musical Structure
  • Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web
  • Links in the Palm of your Hand: Tangible Hypermedia Using Augmented Reality
  • Storyspace I

Hypertext '02 Proceedings, $30

You can always remove it later.

Hypertext '02 Proceedings
Ken Anderson, Stuart Moulthrop, and Jamie Blustein, eds
200 pages, paper .  .  . $30.00


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