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The annual Hypertext Conference is the world's leading forum for hypertext research, and each year, only the best papers are chosen. The 1999 Hypertext Conference was no exception, and this volume of Hypertext '99 Proceedings collects the best in current hypertext research.

Nelson and Engelbart Award Winners

If you're serious about hypertext, here's your chance to get a head start on the future. Start with the Engelbart award-winning paper On Location: Hypertext Workspaces and Nonlinear Views, by Frank Shipman, Eastgate author Cathy Marshall, and Mark LeMere. This work explores new ways to make hypertext structure visible -- and to use screen space more effectively. For over a decade, systems like Storyspace have defined the state of the art; here's a glimpse at the hypertext tools of the future.

Then, turn to the Nelson award winner: Jill Walker's Piecing together and tearing apart: finding the story in afternoon. Walker brings fresh insight to Joyce's classic hypertext, exploring reading strategies, narrative structure, and cybernetic interplay to reveal new ways of approaching and understanding all serious hypertexts.

Exciting research

Readers and writers will find this volume filled with ideas, ranging from ways to evaluate today's Web sites, to designs for the hypertext systems of the next decade. Titles include:

  • Navigation Scheme for Interactive Movies with Linear Narrative
  • Mix'n'Match: Exhangeable Modules of Hypermedia Style
  • Do You Have the Time? Composition and Linking in Time-based Hypermedia
  • The Lyrical Quality of Links
  • Visualizing and Assessing Navigation in Hypertext
  • Abstract Tasks: a tool for the inspection of Web sites and off-line hypermedia

This volume is available as part of the Collected Proceedings: order it here.

Hypertext '99 Proceedings
Klaus Tochtermann, Joerg Westbomke, Uffe K. Wiil, and John J. Leggett, eds.
220 pages, paper .  .  . $35.00


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