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Janet Murray, Hamlet On The Holodeck

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"Janet Murray combines a grasp of great literature with remarkable insights into the possibilities of online communication....Aristotle with a PC couldn't have made a more compelling case." -- Fortune Magazine

"Hallelujah. This book elevates Murray to the front ranks of visionary cultural and digital thinkers.... Jon Katz, Hotwired.

"It is Murray's passion for fiction as a tool for making sense of humanity, combined with her understanding of methods for harnessing the potential of computers, that makes "Hamlet on the Holodeck" such a satisfying and original read." Hillary Rosner, The Nation.

"Hamlet on the Holodeck reaches beyond the scope of interactive narrative and encompasses the global possibilities of emerging technologies." Stan Diehl, BYTE.

Janet Murray explores hypertext fiction, MUDs, interactive cinema, and autonomous agents in search of the future of storytelling..

  • Lord Burleigh's Kiss
  • Harbingers of the Holodeck
  • From Additive to Expressive Form
  • Immersion
  • Agency
  • Transformation
  • The Cyberbard and the Multiform Plot
  • Eliza's Daughters
  • Digital TV and the Emerging Formats of Cyberdrama
  • Hamlet on the Holodeck

Hamlet On The Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace
by Janet H. Murray
The Free Press
ISBN 0-684-82723-9 ..... $25.00


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