Ted Naos Collection

“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Ted Naos Collection

The Naos Collection’,” $37.95 “

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Architect and designer Ted Naos created these three exercises to explore shape and color in the built environment. We find them terrific springboards for writing -- and an intriguing new turn in new media.

Start with Street Architecture. Like each of the titles in the Naos collection, this is a small deck of cardboard shapes, mounted in a clear plastic case that doubles as a stand. Each layer has its own shape and color. The view you see doesn't come from any single layer, though: the streetscape arises from the composition of all the layers.

Come into your study in the morning, bring a new layer to the front, and you'll see a new city. Or try Gateways -- Naos' exploration of doors, gates, and hallways. Black & White examines the magic of patterns. Finally, the abstract Color Game plays with shape and color, freed from architectural constraint.

We think the possibilities for applying these techniques in experimental narrative are exciting. Available as a set of four, for just $37.95.