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“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

serious hypertext


Tinderbox is a personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze, and share your notes, plans, and ideas.

Visual, smart, swift, and personal: Tinderbox is revolutionary software.


Storyspace is the tool of choice for hypertext writers.

Whether your idea of an ideal writing environment is a snug cabin in the woods or your note-strewn desk, whether you write on a new laptop or a trusty old desktop, Storyspace will help keep your ideas linked together.

Patchwork Girl

By Shelley Jackson. What if Mary Shelley herself made the monster, not the fictional Dr. Frankenstein? And what if the monster was a woman, and fell in love with Mary Shelley, and travelled to America?

afternoon, a story

By Michael Joyce. The hypertext fiction classic. “I want to say I may have seen my son die this morning.”

Those Trojan Girls

By Mark Bernstein. Six months have passed since the start of the Occupation. Everything is fairly normal, considering. Cassie stands (in torn jeans) athwart the road of history, shouting “Stop!” Those topless towers are going to burn.

At Eastgate, we create new hypertext technologies and craft artisanal writing tools that harness the power of the link. We also publish original hypertext fiction and nonfiction: serious, interactive writing. These outstanding hypertexts are collected in libraries and studied in universities and schools throughout the world, and have been widely discussed in the research literature.


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