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Deena Larsen

In 1988, Deena Larsen tried to glue poems about women in a Colorado mining town with model trains and embroidery thread. It didn't work. A friend said, "Try HyperCard" --and Deena has been writing hypertexts ever since. The immediate result of that suggestion was Marble Springs , now a collaborative hypertext where readers can add their own stories and connections.

Deena Larsen is a Denver native. She received her BA in English and Logic from the University of Northern Colorado and won the Best Thesis of the Year award for Nansense Ya Snorsted: A logical look at nonsense. After working for a small software company, she found herself stranded in Japan and stayed for a few years. She came back to Colorado to get an MA in English at the University of Colorado and wrote one of the first MA thesis on hypertext: Hypertext and Hyperpossibilities.

Marble Springs, her first hypertext, weaves the lives of women in a small nineteenth century Colorado mining town into a tapestry that invites the reader to join in. She also edited William Dickey's collection of hyperpoems, forthcoming from Eastgate.

Her most recent hypertext, Samplers: Nine Vicious Little Hypertexts, explores the relationship between structure and content in a series of geometric quilt patterns.

She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her cat Sophie and other assorted living creatures.


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