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Tinderbox 2!

Faster: Tinderbox has always been remarkably swift and agile. The new Tinderbox 2 is even faster. Big files load up to 30% faster. And complex agents are now lightning fast.

Easier: Getting started with Tinderbox is easier than ever. The new Tinderbox Weblog Assistant automatically sets up a customized weblog, adapting templates and settings to your personal needs. New Assistants will be coming soon to help you create complex documents tailored to your needs. (You can even create your own Assistants!)

Smarter: Tinderbox now cooperates with more of your favorite tools. For example, you can instantly send a Tinderbox note to your Blogger, MoveableType, or Radio Userland weblog.

Tinderbox works hard to anticipate your needs. For example, the link tool keeps an eye on what you've been doing: if there's a URL on the clipboard or you've selected an email address in the text, the link tool saves you keystrokes and pasting.

Nicer: The Tinderbox interface has been polished in dozens of places to make Tinderbox even more productive. You won't notice the changes, but they'll make your work flow more smoothly.

Tinderbox uses industry-standard XML to ensure that your data is yours. Tinderbox 2 boasts nicer XML formats that are easier for other programs to read and to write.

More Powerful: Faster and more powerful agents let you make your Tinderbox files smarter than ever before, and Tinderbox's HTML templates give you even more control over information sharing. Whether you need cutting-edge xHTML and CSS web design or RSS-based business dashboards, Tinderbox 2 gives you the power to share your information exactly the way you want.

Tinderbox 2: Tinderbox comes with a year of FREE updates. (Of course, you can continue using your current Tinderbox indefinitely) After a year, upgrade for just $70 and you'll get Tinderbox 2 and another year of updates, absolutely FREE.

Tinderbox: the tool for notes

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"A fantastic tool for interoffice brainstorming, meeting note-taking, or just sitting down to think by yourself" -- Sean Carton, clickZ

Tinderbox 3.5.4 for Macintosh (what's new?). $192

You can always remove it later.

Tinderbox comes with a full year of free updates! When you upgrade, you get the latest version -- and an additional year of free updates! (more info)
Tinderbox Upgrade. $90

You can always remove it later.

Flint Weblog Assistant for Tinderbox $19.95

You can always remove it later.

"The Weblog Wonder" -- MacWorld (4.5 mice)

"A truly elegant thinking environment" -- David Fultz

"The software I feel like I've been waiting 15 years to have" -- Doug Miller, CTO, iRobotics

The most useful piece of software I have on my PowerBook. -- Rob McNair-Huff, editor, Mac Net Journal

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Tinderbox Public File Exchange

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"Amazing...clever and elegant."The Guardian

"Offers innovation driven companies a unique new way to both manipulate and manage ideas visually" -- Robert Ouellette, Boxes and Arrows


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