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Mark Bernstein is chief scientist of Eastgate Systems, Inc. Eastgate designs hypertext writing tools and publishes hypertexts, fiction and non-fiction.

Back in the earliest days of hypertext pre-history, both K. Eric Drexler and Ted Nelson independently predicted that a key function of the docuverse -- what we now call the Web -- would be public information sharing. There is so much to learn, and so much to read, that we cannot keep up without help. Trailblazers and shared critical communities help us learn what we need to read.

This page lists some highlights from my own reading -- what's on my screen. Other contributors to On My Screen are asked, 'What hypertexts are you reading? Which would you recommend?' Here, I emphasize my reading outside hypertext. (For information on my hypertext reading, see the Eastgate catalog and HypertextNow.

If you have a web page that recommends books -- especially one that reflects personal rather than corporate recommendations, please tell me!.


Mark Bernstein

topics: History and narrative | current picks
by Rick Collignon
Order your copy: $13.65

A strange, vivid, haunting novel of a small Hispanic town in the deep Southwest and of the outsider who fits smoothly into the community until, one day, he begins asking questions.

Perdido might be of special interest to instructors looking for a way to ease readers from familiar conventions into the more radically experimental work of many postmodern (and hypertext) writers. In this situation, many reach for Borges or Coover; Collignon might be an interesting alternative.

The Salaryman's Wife
by Sujata Massey
Order your copy: $4.79

A young Japanese-American woman, living and working in Tokyo, finds herself entangled in unwanted attention: from groping hands on the train, from American tourists, from the police. Wonderful sense of place.

Our Vampires, Ourselves
by Nina Auerbach
Order your copy: $12.95

This scholarly study of the vampire in modern literature completely changed my understanding of vampires and their kin. Incisive, politically aware, sensitive, and willing to see vampires clearly, without the haze of romance or convention. Auerbach understands the sensuality of vampires and the social obstacles they face. From Near Dark and Lestat to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, you'll never see vampires in the same light again.

Publish and Perish: Three Tales of Tenure and Terror
by James Hynes
Order your copy: $16.80

Hilarious, clever, terrifying. Hynes understands the demonic nature of graduate school. Also features the best (and weirdest) cat in recent fiction.

Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides
Order your copy: $32.35

The most important computer science book I've read in years. Tremendously influential, intriguing, readable, and highly original. Belongs on the same shelf as Knuth and the Dragon (Aho and Ullman). Not for beginners, but highly recommended.

The Dyke and Dybbuk
by Ellen Galford
Order your copy: $8.76

Rainbow Rosenbloom -- London taxi driver, fril critic, lesbian, and niece to a pack of formidable aunts -- has a problem: a dybbuk. The dybbuk has problems herself: inept management, downsizing, sexism from Time Immemorial, and a age-long curse on deadline and over budget. Oy. Unforgettably hilarious.


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