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The Election of 1912

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"A time machine back to the pretechnocracy." -- Utne Reader

One of the most exciting elections in US history, the election of 1912 saw a three-way race among Woodrow Wilson, William Taft, and Theodore Roosevelt. This very early hypertext seeks to capture the depth and complexity of the campaign in very small space: 1912 was designed to fit on tiny 400K disks and to run on computers with less than a megabyte of memory.

Lighthearted and carefully researched, 1912 invites you to run Roosevelt's campaign and to explore the era of railroads and reformers, Populism and power brokers.

The Election of 1912 is now chiefly of interest to students of the early development of hypertext, and is available by special arrangement.
1912, for Macintosh

You can always remove it later.

The Election of 1912
by Mark Bernstein and Erin Sweeney
ISBN 1-884511-00-7
Macintosh . . . .$45.00

About the author:
Mark Bernstein

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