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"This book shimmers with intelligence....Its analysis is subtle, its insights brilliant, its scholarship profound and impeccable." -- Pamela McCorduck, author of Machines Who Think

"Jay Bolter is the new Gutenberg." -- Brian Eno in Artforum

Jay David Bolter, co-designer of Storyspace and hypertext pioneer, explores the technology of reading and writing. A classicist and computer scientist, Bolter brings a unique and powerful perspective to study the implications of technology for the meaning of literacy in contemporary culture.

On the final page of this groundbreaking study, Jay Bolter invites his readers to continue their consideration of hypertext by re-reading his text electronically. The hypertextual Writing Space represents a striking re-visiting of the thoughts and themes of the print version. If you think you've already read Writing Space, think again!

Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing
by Jay David Bolter
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (paperback)

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About the author:
Jay David Bolter

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