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Michael Joyce

Liam's Going

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"Weaving between theoretical speculations, reports of actual classroom usage, polemical addresses, and a rich web of allusions, Of Two Minds strongly makes the case that hypertext creates a topography of textuality that requires new modes of thinking about texts" -- N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA

A new, paper novel by Michael Joyce, the author of classic hypertexts afternoon, a story and Twilight, a Symphony.

This weekend, Liam's going away to college and his mother is taking him there. For Liam, impatience to arrive at a new destination rubs against the anxiety of a future apart. For his mother, the trip has a second purpose: a long-suppressed love affair has resurfaced in a poem she is trying to write.

"Michael Joyce is a subliminal explorer -- he sets off to explore regions that are generally neglected, as if they were forests or deserted islans." -- Hélène Cixous

Michael Joyce is the author of afternoon, a story, the classic (and best-selling) hypertext fiction that remains "the most widely read, quoted, and critiqued of all hypertext narratives" (New York Times Book Review), and of Twilight: a Symphony.Joyce was one of the original designers of the Storyspace hypertext writing environment. He is currently Professor of English and The Library at Vassar College.

This limited edition is autographed and numbered.

Liam's Going
by Michael Joyce
McPherson and Co (hardcover)

About the author:
Michael Joyce

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