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Hypertext theorist George P. Landow opens his fiction workshop to bring you the excitement of reading and writing hypertext with 15 talented young artists. The core of this work is based on Landow's memorable keynote speech to The Hypertext Conference, in which he demonstrated the interconnection between avante-garde writing and the world of technical discourse.

Landow illustrates this seminal essay with a guided tour through a variety of exploratory hypertexts, including Food for Though by Jane park: After concocting yet another casserole that even the cat wouldn't touch, the author decides to call her mother. . . .and to write a web about food in Asian-American fiction; LBJ by Timothy Taylor: Lazarus, Barabbas, and Judas? Lyndon Baines Johnson? Three college friends? Ultramundane by Tom McHarg: Sex, bombs, dreams, betrayal come round and round again to give Dwight and Johnette combinatorically weird Mondays, very odd Tuesday.... Electronic Zen by Taro Ika, describing one summer when I worked as a security guard in Japan, and also did a little bit of zen"

Writing At The Edge, for Macintosh

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Writing At The Edge
by George P. Landow
ISBN 1-884511-20-1
for Macintosh ..... $49.95

About the author:
George P. Landow

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Many notable hypertext writers have studies with Landow, including Diane Greco, Shelley Jackson, and Mary-Kim Arnold

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