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"A significant contribution to a growing body of theory for the new electronic technology of writing. As I read one essay after another, I was struck by the diversity and originality of the approaches." -- Jay David Bolter, author of Writing Space

Landow brings together a distinguished group of writers to explore more fully the implications of hypertext for literary theory and the making of texts. Included among the contributions are:

Espen J. Aarseth
"Nonlinearity and Literary Theory"
J. Yellowlees Douglas
"How do I Stop This Thing? Closure and Indeterminacy in Interactive Narratives"
Charles Ess
"The Political Computer: Hypertext, Democracy, and Habermas"
David Kolb
"Socrates in the Labyrinth"
Stuart Moulthrop
"Rhizome and Resistance: Hypertext and the Dreams of a New Culture"


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George P. Landow,ed.
Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN 0-8018-4838-5 ..... $18.95

About the author:
George P. Landow

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