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"New poetic textuality . . [Rosenberg's] poems flicker and focus from a dark sea of blurred and overprinted language" -- Michael Joyce, Modern Fiction Studies

Interactive poems that invite the reader to explore the aural and visual possibilities of densely package word clusters -- groups of words overlaid in physical and syntactic space. The mouse peels away layers of text, summoning waves of imagery from the depths.

Rosenberg uses electronic writing to experiment with linguistic simultaneity and implicit association. His evocative word cluster challenge and extend poetic and hypertextual conventions, and his work has had wide influence on the design of spatial hypertext tools.


Eastgate Quarterly 2(3)

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The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext
Volume 2, Number 3
ISBN 1-884511-27-9
Macintosh or Windows..... $24.95

About the author:
Jim Rosenberg

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