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Twilight, A Symphony

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"Twilight, a Symphony transcends the limits of narrative and reveals the burden of infinity possibility." -- Ralph Lombreglia, Atlantic Monthly Online

"A remarkable achievement" -- Raine Koskimaa, Electronic Book Review.

"There is nothing that has quite prepared us for the extraordinary beauty and fragility and intelligence at work in Michael Joyce's lyrical elegy. He is one of the most exciting artists at work today in any medium." -- Carole Maso

"Dense and rich and heartrending and gorgeous" -- Diana Slattery, PostModern Culture

Twilight, a symphony is a beautiful work of art that deserves to be read for its own sake. Maybe the best compliment to be paid to this work is that....the reader uses the hypertext tools unconsciously, getting absolutely involved in the meaning of the story.... The hypertext is not the enemy or the competitor of the printed page, but a logical follower, another way of telling stories -- Especulo (Madrid)

Beautifully-written, state-of-the-art piece of exploratory fiction. -- Eileen Carbary

With the intricacy, depth, and subtlety of a fine musical composition, Joyce leads his readers into the dangerous and disconcerting time of day when the sun has passed below the horizon and casts a diffuse, indistinct light on the world. The upcoming publication of Twilight attests that the sun has by no means set on Joyce as an authoritative visionary and voice of hypertext fiction. -- Jessica Baron

From the celebrated author of afternoon: a story, comes a long-awaited new hypertext.

Michael Joyce's Twilight, A Symphony is a courageous and innovative exploration of home, family, and the nostalgia that can't ever quite replace them. At the heart of Twilight is erstwhile reporter Hugh Colin Enright. Estranged from his wife, on the run, and sequestered with his infant son on the shores of Pleasant Lake, Hugh is befriended by an eccentric Polish politcal refugee and his wife, Magda. Years later, Hugh and the ailing Magda are together again, on a macabre odyssey in search of the Twilight doctor, the only person who might be willing to help Magda end her life. In its fearless exploration of death and desire, Twilight, A Symphony takes an unflinching yet deeply compassionate look at the fears and longings that haunt us all.

Twilight, A Symphony is an original hypertext by a master of the form.

Twilight, A Symphony was created using Storyspace and requires no additional software. Now available on CD for Macintosh; Windows edition coming soon.

Twilight: A Symphony, for Macintosh

You can always remove it later.

Twilight, a Symphony
by Michael Joyce
ISBN 1-884511-29-5
CD, for Macintosh.....$24.95

About the author:
Michael Joyce

Also by Michael Joyce:
afternoon: a story

Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics (paper, University of Michigan Press) collects Joyce's seminal essays.

Joyce's first novel,The War Outside Ireland, (paper, Tinkers Dam Press) is available from Eastgate. $9.95

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