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"Woven together of bits of glass, windows and moons, the curve of necklines and the hint of breasts...I found myself breathing in time to the tempo of its rhythms. In fact, it gave me such a surprisingly intense awareness of my own breathing and the rhythms of my body that I felt as if I were underwater, as if the "deep liquid sensation of boundlessness and envelopment" ("aswim," Quibbling) were my own and not her characters'." -- Carolyn Guertin. "a stunning achievement of ecriture feminine in both form and aesthetic. The rhythm of the "buzz-daze" in Guyer's Quibbling is nothing less than Claudine Hermann's 'vision of a language released from the coordinates of space/time'." -- Alison Sainsbury, Illinois Wesleyan University.

"Carolyn Guyer: I can only say what her work feels like to me: Her observations of how we feel in and around and through each other and the vocabulary she has created to express the subtleties -- in gesture, color, shape, touchs, and especially the unsaid or the almost said." -- Diana Slattery, PostModern Culture

"a highly personal, erotic, old-fashioned love story ... what's most intriguing about this newly-published work is its hypertextual design." -- Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

"Guyer deftly intertwines the stories of what appear to be four different women ... Art school, painting, and an artist's sense of color are recurring themes in Guyer's complex, densely structured hyperfiction ... Quibbling is an excellent hypertext" -- Judy Malloy, Microtimes

"Quibbling is a life-in-progress, a restlessly shifting Self and her significant Others presented in Chinese boxes, in halls of mirrors, and as figures in a moving landscape. Carolyn Guyer takes on love and its follies with a motor-drive photographic eye, each text space sharp as her wit and bright as ground glass. Quibbling is a great match of medium and sensibility, and a great answer for those who ask what hyperfiction's got that fiction on paper doesn't." -- Richard Gess, author of Mahasukha Halo

Through motifs of mothering, distance and intimacy, geography and labyrinths, art and writing, nuns and priests, the moon, and sexuality, Quibbling recreates the experience of writing, of assembling a story from fragments of the experience, connecting this empowering process of assembly with the process by which we assemble ourselves and our lives. What at first may seem purposely fragmented is actually as continuous and cohesive as any given time period in a person's life.

Carolyn Guyer sees the reading process of hypertext as flowing naturally from creative living: "Despite all the compelling electronic sidewalks of links sliding and gliding us along, hypertext still requires the same thing of us, that we traverse the little leaps -- and the giant ones -- necessary to make sense of our lives, that is to make a story, to write ourselves. Just as creativity is more about elaboration than fabrication, so hypertext is more a verb than a noun, more about the flux of making, it is a re-forming rather than a form. ... I wonder if the God of my childhood's nuns, the He who could create something from nothing, might not occasionally envy us our third and infinite option, buzz-daze mingling, the coalescent, rhythmic ability to create nothing from anything."

Quibbling was created using Storyspace.

Quibbling, for Macintosh

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Quibbling, for Windows

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by Carolyn Guyer ISBN 1-884511-08-2
Macintosh or Windows..... $24.95

About the author:
Carolyn Guyer

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