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"A fantastic tool for interoffice brainstorming, meeting note-taking, or just sitting down to think by yourself" -- Sean Carton, clickZ

"Amazing...clever and elegant." Giles Foden, The Guardian

"The Weblog Wonder" MacWorld (4.5 mice)

4.5 mice

"The most useful piece of software I have on my PowerBook." -- Rob McNair-Huff, editor, Mac Net Journal

"Offers innovation driven companies a unique new way to both manipulate and manage ideas visually" -- Robert Ouellette, Boxes and Arrows

"The software I feel like I've been waiting 15 years to have" -- Doug Miller

"A truly elegant thinking environment" -- David Fultz

"One of the more amazing tools in the visual mapping arena" The Mind Mapping Software Weblog

"It has revolutionized the way I conceptualize, the way I organize information, and the way I handle tasks as disparate as planning a new search engine and automating my weekly Shaws [grocery] list." -- J. P. Butler, director of search and search products,

"I'll just go ahead and say it, Tinderbox is the most useful app on my Mac. Period." Jack Baty, Fusionary