Multiple User Licenses

Tinderbox helps you visualize, analyze, and share your ideas. Download and try it.

Multiple User Licenses

Tinderbox is a powerful tool for workgroups, classrooms, and laboratories.

The Household License is perfect for families. Up to five licenses for individuals who live together, to use on any of their computers, for one low price.

The key to knowledge management, in the end, is getting people to participate. Get the information written down, so it can be shared. Get the information up on the network, so people can get it when they need it. Tinderbox makes it easy to make notes, and easy to share them in a clean, informative, and uniform style. And our multiple-user licenses make it easy to share Tinderbox with your colleagues.

We offer nice prices on multiple-user licenses. These licenses apply to machines installed at one location, or to students enrolled a single class.


Family pack licenses for up to five people living in the same household. $325

Ten Pack

Tinderbox ten-user license, ideal for schools, libraries, and work teams. $645

Tinderbox 50-workstation license: $1595

You can always remove it later.
Tinderbox 100-workstation license: $2695

You can always remove it later.

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