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"Good news for teachers who are not too sensitive about their intellectual authority . . . Bad news for print culture." -- Times Literary Supplement

revised and extended!

Major additions and revisions make this third edition vital reading for everyone interested in hypertext -- even those who keep the first edition on their desks.

Extensive new sections explore changing ideas in hypertext fiction, hypertext rhetoric, and in the practice of hypertext reading and writing. Landow's thoughts on the Web, on Storyspace, on Microcosm, and other new hypertext systems are always detailed and often surprising, and his careful reading of actual hypertexts marks an exemplary path toward meaningful hypertext criticism.

This indispensable volume takes a close look at the theory and practice of hypertext, informed by the author's theoretical insight and by his extensive experience with hypertext in the college classroom. In addition to situating hypermedia in the development of postmodern culture, Landow addresses such key topics as:

Hypertext: An Introduction
Hypertext and Critical Theory
Reconfiguring the Text
Reconfiguring the Author
Reconfiguring Writing
Reconfiguring Narrative
Reconfiguring Literary Education
The Politics of Hypertext
The Politics of Hypertext: Who Controls the Text?

Hypertext 3.0

You can always remove it later.

Hypertext 3.0: Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalization
by George P. Landow
Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN 0-80188-257-5 ..... $27.00

About the author:
George P. Landow

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