What’s New In Tinderbox 9.7

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What’s New In Tinderbox 9.7



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The all-new Table View gives you a simple overview of any note or container. Scan for missing entries and locate bad items instantly. Copy tables as Markdown, HTML, or paste them into spreadsheets.

Tinderbox is ideal for teasing out complex, emergent relationships. Sometimes, though, what you need is a simple list or a quick table. Now, Tinderbox makes it fast and easy.


Plus, Tinderbox 9.7 brings new actions and dozens of other improvements.


A completely-revamped hyperbolic view makes this powerful tool ideal for rapid brainstorming as well as for visualizing complicated webs of ideas.

Tinderbox gives you detailed control over just what links are represented, and which links are most significant. Add notes and links by dragging lines out from any note. Tinderbox works constantly behind the scenes to refine the details of the layout.



Poster notes give you unprecedented new opportunities to extend Tinderbox.


Make a note a poster note by giving it a Poster Template — an export template that describes what to draw on the face of the note. This gives Tinderbox notes access to a universe of superb visualization tools originally designed for the Web. Use Plotly, Mermaid, Google Charts, Cytoscape, aTbRef — whatever you need for your work, right there in the Tinderbox map.


Along with poster notes, Tinderbox 9.6 brings more power to help actions communicate with outside services. Often, adding support for a popular service will simply be a matter of dropping an installer note into your document.

We’ve already seen some impressive examples, ranging from using Readwise to import your reading highlights to using ChatGPT to summarize notes.


Tinderbox 9.6 adds many refinements and improvements. They’re all listed in the release notes, which you can find in Tinderbox Help. Some highlights:

There’s lots more. And then there are dozens of changes that simply make Tinderbox faster and clearer to use.

Tinderbox 9.7 runs on all recent Macintosh computers. It requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

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