Silk Moleskine

“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Silk Moleskine

Moleskine, Shantung Silk, orange
Moleskine, Shantung Silk, yellow


These notebooks are finely crafted for use -- not just for show.

The silk Moleskine is the same size as the traditional (and famous) Moleskine pocket notebook, and has the same fine Italian paper inside. But in place of black oilskin, each of these special notebooks is covered in Shantung silk.

Many Tinderbox users have written to us to tell us about using Tinderbox with their Moleskines. Now, direct from their Italian maker, we can send you your own Moleskine notebooks -- at an outstanding price.

  • elastic band keeps the book closed in your pocket, bag, or pack
  • integral fabric ribbon keeps your place
  • sewn binding holds up to heavy use
  • expandable inner pocket holds tickets, receipts, and ephemera

The perfect travel journal for visual thinking, these notebooks are ideal for Tinderbox users who can't always have their Tinderbox close at hand.