Job Hunting

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Job Hunting

Dan Hirslund sent us this job application he wrote using Tinderbox.

The outline speaks clearly about the strength of visualization in Tinderbox. It was a breeze to make with a few prototypes, differently colored links, The map turned out to be too large to paste into my final document, and so the ability to nudge in turned out to be handy.

As you can see, I have made great use of the ShowText ability of Tinderbox 4.... Needless to say, a great program has become even better!

Hirslund observes that one of the strengths of Tinderbox as a note taking application is its ability to record contextual information. "Outliners and databases eventually fail, because over time, they lose the connection between a note and what gave life to the note. That is why Tinderbox is personal - it allows you to maintain the relationship between, say:

"Tinderbox," he explains, "ties the particular title into your life history, your social network and your thoughts. This, again, is the essence of note taking - finding one's voice through finding out who you are and what matters to you."

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