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Two women, a writer and a scientist, begin an improbable correspondence. "My heart is scuffed, not scarred."

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Can I assign hypertexts to my classes?

Yes. Eastgate's hypertexts are assigned texts in classes throughout the world. The most common subject areas are modern literature, writing, and hypertext design, but hypertexts have been part of courses ranging from Computer Science to Sociology.

Can my school's bookstore order hypertexts for my students?

Yes. Eastgate works with school and college bookstores throughout the world. We're also happy to accept orders from instructors, groups of students, or individual students.

Can our reading group explore hypertexts?

Yes. If your group has ten or more members, we can often arrange special discounts.

Can you help arrange for guest lectures?

Yes. We can are happy to help arrange lectures, readings, hypertext signings, and workshops. Please call for ideas, or email info@eastgate.com .

Can we license hypertexts for our computer classrooms?

Yes. Special licenses are available for 10 or 100 simultaneous users, or for unlimited use within a library or campus.

Are multi-user licenses expensive?

No. Prices vary, but for many titles a 10-user license costs just $59.85.

What about libraries?

Libraries throughout the world collect Eastgate hypertexts. Hypertexts can circulate like books, and can be placed on reserve if demand is high. Multi-user licenses are inexpensive, so it is easy to meet the demands of large classes. Additional information on hypertext in libraries.


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