A Special Offer For Six Colors Fans

Tinderbox helps you visualize, analyze, and share your ideas. Download and try it.

A Special Offer For Six Colors Fans

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We’re big fans of Six Colors. And we were big fans of Macworld, Jason Snell’s old home, since the days when they were handing us 4½ mice.

If you work with challenging ideas, we think Tinderbox is a tool you need. Tinderbox is the tool for notes — a wonderful approach for visualizing, analyzing, and sharing important ideas.

“For the past eight days, I have spent most of my waking hours using Tinderbox Six. I am using it to analyse a small eighteenth-century epistle ..in preparation for a presentation to be delivered at a conference this coming Wednesday. As I recently told a few colleagues, this type of textual analysis, and the speed at which I am able to execute it, would have otherwise been impossible without a small team of personal research assistants.”

Whether you want to get things done or to plan your next book, to design a new curriculum or release a new product, Tinderbox gives you powerful tools do capture ideas, organize them, and discover emergent structure.

Tinderbox has an amazing user community, and even a backstage program for people eager to watch as the software takes shape. Here’s one example, a user’s short movie that James Fallows called “Combo: ‘The 400 Blows’ + tech manual”.

Tinderbox Six is just out, with a host of exciting new capabilities.

We think you’ll find Tinderbox to be a a great example of serious, artisanal software — hand-crafted with intelligence and care, and designed for serious work.

“Fantastically useful” — S. Irene Virbila, L.A. Times food critic
“I use [Tinderbox] every day” – James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly and author of China Airborne

This week, we’re sponsoring SixColors.com and we’re offering a $100 discount on Tinderbox to its readers and our enthusiastic hopes for a bightly spectral future!

And we’re also offering $5 off on The Tinderbox Way, Mark Bernstein’s book on the ideas behind Tinderbox. The Tinderbox Way takes a new look at the way computers can help ideas (and their representation) evolve over the course of months and years. With chapters on agents, dashboards, and why Tinderbox (sometimes) needs complexity, it’s a unique look at a unique program.


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