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Tinderbox Backstage

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Since Tinderbox 1.0, we’ve shipped more than ninety 151 full-fledged Tinderbox releases and many hundreds of test versions. We deliver several releases every year.

But there's even more action behind the scenes, as we design new features, improve existing facilities, roll out new tools, and experiment with fresh ideas. Tinderbox Backstage gives you access to experimental Tinderbox updates, often weeks or even months in advance of general availability. Backstage also gives Tinderbox fans a chance to explore alternate designs, to propose different approaches, and to exchange tips and techniques.

It’s also a nice way to support Tinderbox.

If you'd like first crack at new Tinderbox concepts, if you’d like to discuss ideas for new applications and new features, if you’d like to see how software is crafted, or if you’d like to show your support, backstage is for you.

C Ticket

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Early Access

Here’s the plan:

Spreading the News

Beyond supporting the costs of the early access program, we use the ticket receipts to boost broader marketing. Web ads. Podcast sponsorships. Artisanal Software Festivals. As always, we deeply appreciate your support.

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