Tinderbox Tutorial 2

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Tinderbox Tutorial 2

Volume 2: Digging Deeper

Tinderbox is the perfect tool for managing your projects, from the planning stages to the post-production maintenance. The Tinderbox Tutorial Series teaches you to get the most out of Tinderbox, offering lots of examples drawn from many different fields.

New screencasts:

Volume II reviews some of the basics in Volume I, and advances intermediate concepts like prototypes, linking, aliases, and agents—explaining both “how-to” and “why-to.”

If you already understand these concepts and are looking to take your work to the next level, many screencasts offer conceptual tips. Get ideas for ways to untangle links and creative uses for agents.

Plus, all the screencasts have been updated for Tinderbox 5.11!

Updated screencasts:

New Workbook Examples

Most people learn best by doing problems and following along with a lesson. This volume offers workbook-style documents that will allow you to create prototypes, traverse links, and build agents yourself. Each document covers a concept that will get you up to speed with how to use many of Tinderbox’s features.

Concepts include:

The Tinderbox Way, 2nd edition

Understand many of the concepts underlying Tinderbox development. The second edition offers new chapters on actions, timelines, and maps — and nearly every page has been updated from the first edition. Every example has been brought up-to-the-minute with best practices for Tinderbox 5.11.

The Tinderbox Way is included in Tutorial Kit 2 in pdf and ePub format.

Updated Export

More than forty topical examples answer frequently-asked questions from Tinderbox Weekends and the Tinderbox Forum, for new and advanced users alike. Learn how to set up agents and actions, write export templates, and apply them to your work. From the elements of using agents to tricky export techniques, these demos now feature additional annotations and have all been updated for the latest version of Tinderbox.

And much more!

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