Tinderbox 3.6

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Tinderbox 3.6

Tags...and beyond

Tinderbox 3.6 introduces set attributes. These new attributes let you add lists of tags to any note:

Topic: Australia; birds; photo; travel; 2006; BlogThis

Set attributes are a lot like strings, but agents and container actions can manipulate them too. Agents and containers can automatically add and subtract tags.

Any attribute can be a set attribute, and you can have as many tag sets as you like.

Importing from Spreadsheets

People use spreadsheets to manage all sorts of tables meeting agendas, contact lists, price lists. Now, you can drag these tables into Tinderbox!

Tinderbox 3.6

Tinderbox automatically recognizes the labels in the top row, and matches them to corresponding Tinderbox attributes. If Tinderbox doesn't already have an attribute for the data, Tinderbox will make one. Each row of the table becomes a separate note; everything is neatly organized and prepared for you to extend, refine, and reorganize.

Action at a Distance

Tinderbox agents and containers are now more powerful than ever. Normally, agents look at a specific note and agent actions act on that note; starting with Tinderbox 3.6, queries and actions can also examine notes related to any note.


Film analysis in Tinderbox. Courtesy J. Nathan Matias, St. Johns College, Cambridge. Click for full image.

For example, you can easily look for notes that are inside a container that is marked "Urgent", or locate any containers that hold notes you've marked as requiring SecurityClearance.

Similarly, actions can be performed both on the note itself and on notes related to it. An agent looking for newly-added items about your thesis topic could color those items and add a Interesting! tag to the container that holds them.

Play Well With Others, Anywhere

Tinderbox can fetch individual notes from the Net, letting you share assignments, schedules, and requirements easily while ensuring that everyone has the latest version. Now, AutoFetch extends to let you get information from any command-line script. Use ruby, perl, python, Applescript whatever is handy to get information from the network or from other programs.

Tinderbox actions also have access to shell scripts, so agents and containers can now take advantage of outside services.

Richer Stamps, Improved Explode, for Analysis and Tagging

The Tinderbox Explode command helps you break up long interviews and other texts into meaningful segments, and Tinderbox's Stamps let you quickly apply systematic tags to analyze and organize those segments. Now, Tinderbox Stamps can combine multiple actions, making complex styling and tagging schemes far easier to implement.

Lots more, too!

As usual for Tinderbox updates, Tinderbox 3.6 has a slew of improvements. Some add nice new polish, like the new outline icon for agents that lets you see disabled agents at a glance. Some are nice for beginners, like new built-in export templates. Some will please experts, like the new option to ping Google or the new, export elements for link lists.

All these improvements work together to make Tinderbox even faster, smarter, and more agile. You can get started making notes in minutes, and yet Tinderbox's capabilities will continue to astound you throughout your project.

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